$200 Pool Top 10

1 Stella (16,195.51)2 mbever10 (6,828.02)3 Ferrarif812super (5,489.83)4 Rooster (4,546.33)5 Bilal Guys (3,060.69)6 Hero Moneybags (2,215.44)7 Maximus (2,080.24)8 Fat Ed (1,570.83)9 Heisenberg (1,143.45)10 Fire Marshall Brady (12.28)

Welcome to Football500!

My name is Tom Barnes and I have been running this website/pool since 2007. I designed and hired a professional programmer to build the website years ago because I couldn't find a 3rd party online option that had what I was looking for. I've compiled a list of some of the things that make Football500 so fun to play and what separates this pool from any other you will find.

Use of Point Spreads
Both NFL and College football games (Over 1,000 games to choose from)
Includes NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl
Includes all College Conference Championships, Bowl Games, and Playoffs
3 Ways to bet on most games: 1) Against the Spread 2) Totals (Over/Unders) 3) Money Line Bets
Risk imaginary dollars, so the players can weight their selections
No requirements on the number of games picked (Pick only the games you want to pick)
Use of "Vigorish" or "Juice" to simulate real Vegas returns on bets
Deadlines on picks to match kickoffs of real games
No Fees of any sort, every penny that is collected is also distributed
All Winners get paid the day after the Super Bowl!

The current entry fee to pay is $200 a year, which is still less than $10 a week when you consider that the football season lasts over 20 weeks. I have decided to go forward with just one pay pool to reduce the time requirement of managing this website and running two pay pools. There is still a free pool option to allow players who might want to do this but not willing to invest the $200. Obviously, there isn't any prize money awarded in the Free Pool.

I've added games, added betting options and added additional content to the website to improve the pool experience over the years. However, the overall theme of the pool has remained largely unchanged and simple at its core. Pool Players pick only the games they like, use only the bet type they like, risk what they like (Up to Max), and let the best handicapper win!

Please feel free to explore the website, you will find much more detailed information about the pool, and get a feel for all the website has to offer. If you still have any questions, please send me an email and I'll try to quickly answer any questions you have.

I'd like to thank all the pool players for your support, please continue to spread the good word to your friends and family about football500. In closing if you're a football fan, and like to pick games, then you've come to the right place.

Tom Barnes