Last day to Join is Halloween
Wed Sep 28, 5:15 AM CDT



Upcoming Games

Connecticut at Houston
Tomorrow 7:00 pm CDT
Miami at Cincinnati
Tomorrow 7:25 pm CDT
Kansas at Texas Tech
Tomorrow 7:30 pm CDT
Georgetown at Harvard
Friday 6:00 pm CDT
Stanford at Washington
Friday 8:00 pm CDT
Toledo at BYU
Friday 9:15 pm CDT
Syracuse vs Notre Dame
Saturday 11:00 am CDT
Alcorn State vs Arkansas
Saturday 11:00 am CDT
Florida at Vanderbilt
Saturday 11:00 am CDT
UCF at East Carolina
Saturday 11:00 am CDT
SMU at Temple
Saturday 11:00 am CDT
Texas at Oklahoma State
Saturday 11:00 am CDT
Rutgers at Ohio State
Saturday 11:00 am CDT
Northwestern at Iowa
Saturday 11:00 am CDT
Miami at Georgia Tech
Saturday 11:00 am CDT
Georgia State at Appalachian St
Saturday 11:00 am CDT
Baylor at Iowa State
Saturday 11:00 am CDT
Brown at Rhode Island
Saturday 11:00 am CDT
Princeton at Columbia
Saturday 11:00 am CDT

Football 500 News

Assuming I don't have to start deleting players for non payment both pools have surpassed last years numbers! the $150 pool has 28 players signed up! last year we had 25. And the $40 pool had 42, up from 40 last year. Thanks to all of you who helped spread the word!

Keep in mind the pool is still open, actually until Halloween so keep it up. Current players can always sign up again if you find yourself in a bad way early and need a fresh start.

Payment is still lagging, please get your check in the mail if you haven't done so yet. Lets all get the money in so I can stop writing these reminders. Take a look at the leaderboard it indicates who I have received money from and who still owes. I'm right at 50% now.

Football 500 Chat

  • Top 5 NFL Games of The Week

    Hello everyone it's Teddy KGB again.  This time bringing you my Top 5 NFL Games of the Week.

    • 1) Kansas City @ Pittsburgh
    • 2) NY Giants @ Minnesota
    • 3) Carolina @ Atlanta
    • 4) Buffalo @ New England
    • 5) Oakland @ Baltimore

    Some of you may be wondering why Dallas @ San Francisco didn't make the list. Well, 1992 called, he wants his mullet back! Don't live in the past, we're talking about the here and the now.  San Francisco is hot garbage and Dallas is that girl you give a 5! Beer googles anyone!

    And remember everyone, THE BIG 12 SUCKS DONKEY BALLS!!

  • Top 5 College Games of The Week

    Hello everyone, it's Teddy KGB

    Below are my Top 5 College Games of The Week:

    • 1) Louisville @ Clemson
    • 2) Stanford @ Washington
    • 3) Wisconsin @ Michigan
    • 4) Tennesse @ Georgia
    • 5) Oklahoma @ TCU (tie)
    • 5) Texas @ Oklahoma St. (tie)

    I hope all you Big 12 losers are happy to see some of your teams make the list this week!

    Notice, however, that games from the ACC, PAC 12, Big Ten and SEC are all listed higher than those from the Big 12. You may ask why??  Well, the answer is quite clear.  THE BIG 12 SUCKS DONKEY BALLS!!!  WHOOP! WHOOP!

$150 Pool Top 10

1 StramDawson (3,162.27)2 TX Frog (3,081.73)3 RomoSexual (2,418.05)4 Burtwenl (2,320.99)5 Kristofr (1,754.45)6 E Squared (1,745.00)7 PrimeTime (1,663.49)8 osteopoRomo (1,329.70)9 jfajkus (1,200.00)10 JohnAnthony (1,178.48)

$40 Pool Top 10

1 gmarams (3,963.58)2 GILS (2,998.74)3 Happyha31 (2,556.15)4 Beatluke (2,526.99)5 E Squared (2,410.50)6 BVP (2,206.86)7 N8C (1,690.77)8 MillerMan (1,281.44)9 CoolRod (1,218.43)10 Greg Oliver (554.14)