Last day to Join is Halloween
Fri Aug 26, 11:33 PM CDT



Upcoming Games

Charleston Southern at North Dakota State
Tomorrow 6:30 pm CDT
Charlotte at Louisville
Thursday 6:00 pm CDT
Maine at Connecticut
Thursday 6:00 pm CDT
Presbyterian at Central Michigan
Thursday 6:00 pm CDT
Tulane at Wake Forest
Thursday 6:00 pm CDT
Tennessee Martin at Cincinnati
Thursday 6:00 pm CDT
Indiana at FIU
Thursday 6:30 pm CDT
William & Mary at North Carolina St
Thursday 6:30 pm CDT
Appalachian St at Tennessee
Thursday 6:30 pm CDT
South Carolina at Vanderbilt
Thursday 7:00 pm CDT
Southern Utah at Utah
Thursday 7:00 pm CDT
Weber St. at Utah State
Thursday 7:00 pm CDT
Rice at Western Kentucky
Thursday 7:00 pm CDT

Football 500 News

I have entered a couple lines for A few NCAA games. I don't see a Over/Under line for the North Dakota State game yet but will continue to look and will add it if and once it becomes available.

Last year we had 40 players in the $40 pool. At last check we had 21 signed up. So there are enough players so that the Week 1-18 (Through NFL Regular Season) winners will receive their money back ($40) in the $40 Pool. Any additional $40 players entries over 18 will go to the year end pot and will be split between the top 5 year end players. See money page for details.

For the most part I try to recruit $150 pool players because that is the pool I play in. So all you $40 players put on your sales hats and help us get some more players.

Football 500 Chat

  • Money Line Bets

    I will include the Money Line Odds on any game with a point spread under 10 points if I can find the odds published by a third party (I wont make them up).

    I will not post Money Line Odds in the NFL playoffs or NCAA Playoffs because I want to lessen the chances of players with nothing to lose getting lucky at the end of the season and jumping ahead of the players who are in contention and don't have the luxury of trying to win a big payout on an underdog in the final weeks.


  • Preseason AP top 25

    1) Alabama 2) Clemson 3) Oklahoma 4) Florida State 5) LSU 6) Ohio State 7) Michigan 8) Stanford 9) Tennessee 10) Notre Dame 11) Mississippi 12) Michigan State 13) TCU 14) Washington 15) Houston 16) UCLA 17) Iowa 18) Georgia 19) Louisville 20) USC 21) Oklahoma State 22) North Carolina 23) Baylor 24) Oregon 25) Florida

  • Player Profile Page

    I'm not sure how many of you look at the player profile page, if you don't I encourage you to check it out this year. It will show a detailed breakout of all players handicapping statistics. You can also upload a picture to personalize your account if you like. Please feel free to let me know of any information I dont show that you think would be interesting and I'll put it on the list for 2017.

  • Week #1

    There are currently two games that I will have available to bet on the week before the rest of College Football starts, I will include these two games in Week #1 with the rest of the games the following week for determining the Week #1 Winner in the $40 Pool. (Hawaii will play twice in Week#1 once against California in Australia in Late August and the following weekend against Michigan) I didnt want to ignore these two early games they will both be on National TV but I didnt want to have only two games in Week 1.

$150 Pool Top 10

1 AlwaysBeClosing (0.00)1 DC_Chimo (0.00)1 Lone Wolf (0.00)1 JohnAnthony (0.00)1 StramDawson (0.00)1 TheJoker (0.00)1 Sto (0.00)1 mbever10 (0.00)1 BAM (0.00)1 OilDownWagerUp (0.00)1 Drunkzilla (0.00)1 CASH IS KING (0.00)1 Canyon Man (0.00)1 Medicine Man (0.00)1 PrimeTime (0.00)1 $150 (0.00)1 Burtwenl (0.00)1 Atomic Finebaum (0.00)1 TJB (0.00)

$40 Pool Top 10

1 adamacsu22 (0.00)1 India (0.00)1 GILS (0.00)1 Ralphie (0.00)1 DickWayne (0.00)1 MillerMan (0.00)1 Crapshoot (0.00)1 Bork Lazer (0.00)1 Boom21 (0.00)1 DK (0.00)1 Beatluke (0.00)1 Toreros (0.00)1 Stella (0.00)1 Flacco Seagulls (0.00)1 mcLovin (0.00)1 Beaver Nation (0.00)1 BRAH MAN (0.00)1 Becker Boys (0.00)1 3rdDegreeBurns (0.00)1 ElDuderino (0.00)1 bvwerder (0.00)1 BigWillie (0.00)1 DANIEL1 (0.00)1 CoolRod (0.00)1 PurpleSteel (0.00)