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Houston at Denver
Tonight 7:30 pm CDT
California at USC
Thursday 12:00 am CDT
Akron at Buffalo
Thursday 12:00 am CDT
Ohio at Toledo
Thursday 12:00 am CDT
Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh
Thursday 6:30 pm CDT
Appalachian St at Georgia Southern
Thursday 6:30 pm CDT
Jacksonville at Tennessee
Thursday 7:25 pm CDT
Navy at South Florida
Friday 12:00 am CDT
San Diego State at Utah State
Friday 7:00 pm CDT
Air Force at Fresno State
Friday 9:30 pm CDT

Football 500 News

All of the $150 Players have Paid!

I have about 4 active players in $40 Pool who I still haven't received money from

1) BigWillie
2) DK
3) adamacsu22
4) zturnerz

and I have 4 unactive (have placed no wagers yet) in $40 pool unpaid.

1) 3rd DegreeBurns
2) Sparkplug
3) Lloyd Cristmas
4) Mean Debbie Jean

If you sent me a check please contact me, maybe was lost in mail?

If you have no intention of sending me a check please contact me and I will delete your lame ass.

Otherwise get a check in the mail please...this is the part of this pool that I hate the most please stop wasting my time and just pay or don't sign up.

Football 500 Chat

  • Top 5 NFL Games for Week 7

    Happy Friday Chumpstains!

    Here's Teddy KGB's Top 5 NFL Games for Week 7

    1) Seahawks @ Cardinals

    2) Vikings @ Eagles

    3) Texans @ Broncos

    4) Patriots @ Steelers

    5) Saints @ Chiefs

    If you disagree with any of my selections and want to talk about it, I'll be sure to bust out my AK-47 on your ass!

    Dasvidaniya Bitches!



  • Week 8 Top 5 College Games

    What's up dickwads!  Its' Teddy KGB time!

    Here's my Week 8 Top 5 College Games

    1) Texas A&M @ Alabama

    2) Arkansas @ Auburn

    3) Ole Miss @ LSU

    4) Wisconsin @ Iowa

    5) NC State @ Louisville

    Note: I didn't include the TCU @ W. Virginia game.  I hope you don't have to ask why?? It's a donkey balls Big 12 game! Duh!! 

    The Big 12 is the MAC South!  TCU vs WVA is pari passu with this week's Central Michigan @ Toledo.

    If you disagree with me in any fashion, remember to shut your mouth when you're talking to me.

    Peace Out Chumpstains!


    • Re: Week 8 Top 5 College Games

      Great post my Communist friend but what about Utah at UCLA?

      • Re: Week 8 Top 5 College Games

        Good question comrade! Utah at UCLA is definitely a strong matchup and worthy of Top 5 discussion.  It's certainly way better than any Donkey Balls Big 12 game! My main reason for excluding it was that UCLA has a losing record at 3-4 and is only 1-3 in conference play. They are, however, capable of playing spoiler this week.


  • Teddy KGB

    Because of the overwhelming support and popularity of my chats, I will continue to post on a weekly basis.

    Thanks comrades

    Teddy KGB

    Flag of the Soviet Union.svg

    Top 5 College Rivalries

    Good morning chumpstains:

    Here's Teddy KGB's Top 5 College Rivalries

    1) Michigan vs Ohio State

    2) Auburn vs Alabama

    3) Notre Dame vs USC

    4) California vs Stanford

    5) Army vs Navy

    No Big 12 teams were included for the same reason that I didn't include any MAC teams. I consider Texas vs Oklahoma to be on par with Toledo vs Bowling Green.

    If you disagree with any of my choices then all I can say is shut your mouth when you're talking to me!

  • Teddy's Top 5 College Games of The Week

    Alright assclowns, here's Teddy's Top 5 College Games of The Week. 

    If you disagree with any of these, as always, shut your mouth when your talking to me!

    1) Ohio St. @ Wisconsin

    2) Alabama @ Tennessee

    3) Ole Miss @ Arkansas

    4) Clemson @ NC St.

    5) N. Carolina @ Miami

    Some of you Big 12 losers might by crying, what about Kansas St. @ Oklahoma! Well both teams are 3-2 and lose whenever they play good competition, i.e. teams outside of the Donkey Balls Big 12. Oklahoma beat Texas you say! Whoopty Shit!!! Texas is the 6th best team in its state!

    I want to start a campaign to move from the Power 5 to the Power 4. Let's get rid of the notion that the Donkey Balls Big 12 belongs in the same discussion as a REAL league. Big 12 is closer to the MAC in terms of quality than the SEC. 


  • Top 5 NFL Games of The Week

    Good morning chumpstains.

    Here's Teddy KGB's Top 5 NFL games of the week.

    1) Dallas @ Green Bay

    2) Atlanta @ Seattle

    3) Chiefs @ Raiders

    4) Eagles @ Redskins

    5) Patriots @ Bengals

    If you disagree with any of these, shut your mouth when you're talking to me!


  • Top 5 NFL Games of The Week

    Good morning assclowns.  Here's KGB's Top 5 NFL Games of The Week:

    • 1) Atlanta @ Denver
    • 2) Houston @ Minnesota
    • 3) Cincinnati @ Dallas
    • 4) NY Giants @ Green Bay
    • 5) NY Jets @ Pittsburgh

    As an aside, I was relieved to see that the Texas vs Oklahoma game did not make TJB's top 5 college games of the week. No one wants to see that Big 12  donkey balls bullshit!  Up and down the field, score, score, score!  It's all fun and games until you play a real team (outside of Big 12 of course) with a big boy defense. Big 12 dipshits don't seem to understand that defense wins championships. How many national championships has the Big 12 won in the last ten years with their high flying video game offense and their ole defense? Opps, that would be fucking 0!

  • Top 5 NCAA Games

    1) Tennessee @ Texas A&M

    2) Colorado @ USC

    3) LSU @ Florida

    4) Alabama @ Arkansas

    5) Virginia Tech @ North Carolina

  • new low?

    I didn't think it was possible to lose 30k points in five weeks.  Are you sure you're following this year's broadcast of NFL/NCAA?

  • Ben McAdoo

    What do you think Ben McAdoo would be doing if he wasn't coaching the NY Giants?

    A) Night Manager at Dairy Queen (eats hamburgers that were dropped on the floor, five second rule!)

    B) Corporate IT Manager (wears black jeans with white socks and snow white new balance shoes)

    C) Porn Cameraman (lives in a studio in Van Nuys)

    D) TV salesman at Best Buy (gets a hard on when talking about pixels)

    E) Big 12 Commissioner (hates the Big 12 sucks donkey balls slogan, but knows its true)

    • Re: Ben McAdoo

      F) Joe Dirt stunt double

$150 Pool Top 10

1 Lone Wolf (3,387.43)2 JWM (2,523.40)3 Atomic Finebaum (2,484.98)4 TX Frog (2,454.24)5 PrimeTime (2,381.55)6 osteopoRomo (2,216.93)7 Drunkzilla (1,823.16)8 Teddy KGB (1,334.56)9 RomoSexual (999.80)10 Burtwenl (921.01)

$40 Pool Top 10

1 Stella (15,549.05)2 bvwerder (7,656.89)3 ElDuderino (6,194.29)4 gmarams (4,181.68)5 adamacsu22 (3,730.22)6 Beaver Nation (2,854.49)7 Happyha31 (2,645.95)8 MillerMan (2,563.15)9 N8C (2,199.73)10 E Squared (1,675.50)