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Atlanta vs New England
Sun 2/5 5:30 pm CST

Football 500 News

I've emailed all $40 weekly winners asking for addresses please reply promptly and I'll send you your money ASAP.

I have checks in mail to the following people so far:

Stella (Week 8)
Torreros (Week 14)
ElDuderino (week 15)
HappyHa31 (Week 17)

Some players are electing to roll the winnings forward as a prepayment for next year (save us both from writing a check and buying a stamp)

The following players in the $40 Pool have elected to roll their winnings forward and are prepaid for the 2017/18 Season.

Torreros (week 6)
Stella (week 7)
BeatLuke (Week 10)
The Clogger (Week 12)
Brah Man (Week 13)
CoolRod (Week 1)
Beaver Nation (Week 9)

Also 2 players used this years winnings to pay for this years entry fee. So I didn't email you two, we are all square.
1) Bork Lazer (Week 2)
2) SkinnyGib (Week 3)

Major props to Gils and bvwerder for both giving me a $40 tip! very generous of you guys! I will reinvest it in the website with more improvements this offseason!

I will be sending out all winnings Monday after the Super Bowl so if your in Top 3 in $150 Pool or Top 5 in $40 Pool once the dust settles expect an email asking 1) for your address and 2) if you want me to deduct next years fee.

There is only one weekly winners that I haven't heard back from, Schmidty. Please get back to me so I can get you paid.

To all the players in both pools I hope everyone has enjoyed this season. Hope everyone liked the Money Line option this year! Please feel free to add feedback or suggestions in Football Chat box!

I know the chat box seems like the Teddy KJB blog, but trust me others are welcome to jump on there too! I do read it.

Football 500 Chat

  • NFL Divisional Round

    Top of The Morning COCKBAGS!  It's time for your favorite BADASS Teddy KGB!

    The National Championship game was pretty AWESOME except it lasted 4:10! Who were the SHIT FOR BRAINS that came up with the brilliant FUCKING idea to stop the FUCKING clock on every FUCKING first down! My guess is some DONKEY BALLS SHITHEADS from the BIG 12 (former BIG 8). We witnessed BIG BAD Alabama go down. Makes me think of the BADASS RED ARMY invasion of Afghanistan. Not our best day. Those STONE THROWING JIHADISTS were a pain in ASS!

    Alright SALAD TOSSERS, we move on to the NFL Divisional Round. I have ranked the games from BEST to WORST.

    1) Packers @ Cowboys

    2) Steelers @ Chiefs

    3) Seahawks @ Falcons

    4) Texans @ Patriots (TEXANS = DONKEYBALLS)

    If you disagree with my rankings go FUCK YOURSELF!


$150 Pool Top 10

1 Lone Wolf (9,782.11)2 Atomic Finebaum (9,043.60)3 Teddy KGB (8,240.00)4 JohnAnthony (7,576.92)5 Drunkzilla (4,476.22)6 Maximus (3,541.14)7 JWM (3,492.96)8 mbever10 (3,127.27)9 Rooster (2,859.98)10 RomoSexual (1,254.65)

$40 Pool Top 10

1 CoolRod (19,135.19)2 DANIEL1 (18,280.23)3 Stella (18,230.86)4 Beaver Nation (15,068.44)5 Toreros (13,977.75)6 N8C (4,059.43)7 gmarams (2,352.33)8 T-Bone (1,954.15)9 GossHawk (355.01)10 India (872.51)