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Upcoming Games

South Florida at San Jose State
Sat 8/26 12:00 am CDT
Hawaii at Massachusetts
Sat 8/26 12:00 am CDT
Portland State at BYU
Sat 8/26 12:00 am CDT
Rice vs Stanford
Sat 8/26 9:00 pm CDT
Austin Peay at Cincinnati
Thu 8/31 12:00 am CDT
Holy Cross at Connecticut
Thu 8/31 12:00 am CDT
Louisiana Monroe at Memphis
Thu 8/31 12:00 am CDT
Ohio State at Indiana
Thu 8/31 12:00 am CDT
Buffalo at Minnesota
Thu 8/31 12:00 am CDT
New Mexico State at Arizona State
Thu 8/31 12:00 am CDT
North Dakota at Utah
Thu 8/31 12:00 am CDT
Tennessee State at Georgia State
Thu 8/31 12:00 am CDT
Rhode Island at Central Michigan
Thu 8/31 12:00 am CDT
Elon at Toledo
Thu 8/31 12:00 am CDT

Football 500 News

The 2016/17 Season is over. The checks are all in the mail!

Thank everyone for playing! I hope everyone feels like they got their money's worth of entertainment.

Thanks to Norm, the pool programmer, the website worked perfectly and the addition of the money line although a pain in Norm's ass was a big hit!

Please as always give me any feedback for next year. I'm already making a list of possible upgrades to the website.

Tom Barnes

Football 500 Chat

  • New Stadiums

    There is only one College Stadium Change for the 2017/18 Season. The Colorado State Rams will be moving from Hughes Stadium to the new on campus Sonny Lubick Field at Colorado State Stadium. That name is way too long so I have shorted it here to simply Colorado State Stadium, sorry Sonny Lubick. 

    In the NFL, the Atlanta Falcons fresh off of their Super Bowl Choke Job will move out of the Georgia Dome and into the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.  The Stadium seats 71,000 and has a retractable roof.  The 2019 Super Bowl has been awarded to Atlanta.

    • Re: New Stadiums

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  • Two New Teams Joining FBS for 2017/18 Season.

    The University of Alabama Birmingham Blazers (UAB) are reinstating their football team and will rejoin Conference USA for the 2017/18 season after a two year layoff.


    The Coastal Carolina Chanticleers will joimn the Sun Belt conference for the 2017/18 Season. Coastal Carolina is located in Conway South Carolina and their mascot the Chanticleer is pronouced (SHON-ti-clear) and I quote is a "Proud witty Rooster", made famous in the Canterbury Tales. What is up with South Carolina's facisination with Chickens! First the Game Cocks and now this....  

  • Idaho Vandals last season in FBS in 2017/18

    The Idaho Vandals are moving down to the FCS subdivision after the 2017/18 Season.  Siting costs as the main reason for the rare step down in class.

$150 Pool Top 10

1 Lone Wolf (9,592.11)2 Atomic Finebaum (8,043.60)3 Teddy KGB (7,240.00)4 JohnAnthony (6,576.92)5 JWM (3,492.96)6 Drunkzilla (3,476.22)7 Rooster (2,859.98)8 Maximus (2,541.14)9 mbever10 (2,127.27)10 Burtwenl (561.56)

$40 Pool Top 10

1 CoolRod (20,044.28)2 DANIEL1 (17,280.23)3 Stella (17,230.86)4 Beaver Nation (14,783.18)5 Toreros (12,977.75)6 N8C (4,968.52)7 T-Bone (1,954.15)8 gmarams (1,352.33)9 GossHawk (554.08)10 India (36.58)